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Dimora Morello

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A historic villa for your holidays in Italy

In the beautiful region of Abruzzo there is Dimora Morello, a historic villa dating back to 200 years ago, which after a skilful and painstaking restoration offers spacious rooms with original tile floors and stylish furnishings. From the panoramic terrace, one of the highest points of the village, you and your family can enjoy views ranging from the majestic peaks of the Abruzzo Apennines to the blue of the Adriatic Sea. We will escort you to places never imagined, including incredible green spaces under the Gran Sasso that are sure to cleanse your mind and spirit. For our more adventurous guests, we will explore the untouched woodland areas to gather truffles with the guidance of an expert truffle hunter. Dimora Morello is a culinary oasis, complete with the finest ingredients provided by the perfectly enriched environment. If cooking is your passion, we have kept the perfect recipes. Our in-house chefs will walk you through every step of preparing the most delectable Italian meal. Tours of local wine, olive oil, and cheese facilities will not only give you a taste of the local culture, but the inspiration to carry on the traditions in your home.

Your Holidays in Italy

We are proud to present our home away from home in the lovely Poggio Morello, Abruzzo. Travelers searching for the absolute best of east Italy are now discovering our region on the Eastern side of Central Italy, nestled between the incredibly dramatic mountainside and a direct view of the Adriatic Sea. The stretch of the Teramo coast, from which we are only 10 minutes by car, has been recognized for years as a "Golden Beach" for the characteristic light and fine sand, for the wide and deep coastline and the gentle sloping of the sea level. Peculiarities that make it the perfect destination for families with children or simply for those who love long walks on the shoreline. Dimora Morello is located in the small village of Poggio Morello, from which it takes its name. Poggio Morello is a small town in the province of Teramo, occupying the summit of one of the hillsides near the Salinello River Valley, only about ten kilometers from the Adriatic Coast. Poggio Morello was an autonomous territory up to the early nineteenth century. During the “French Decade” (1806-1815), The Great Reorganization of Napoleon in the Reign of Naples incorporated Poggio Morello into the Commune of Sant’Omero, which is currently divided.

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