Dimora Morello

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Dimora Morello


Dimora Morello

Wine and Culinary Tour offers more than just a glimpse into the beautifully unique Italian culture. We invite you to explore the incredible region of Abruzzo through the eyes of local farmers, fishermen, wine makers, cheese makers and artisans. From sunrise to sunset, you will be fascinated by our incredible views. Choose Dimora Morello for your next adventure: don a chef's apron or lace up a pair of hiking boots and immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience.

Our Rooms


Double Room Deluxe


Double Room Deluxe




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Double Room Deluxe


Double Room Deluxe


Double Room Deluxe

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Cooking Classes

When combining hands-on cooking classes with the best seasonal ingredients, you will certainly connect with your chef. We specialize in bringing people, cuisine, and culture together for a perfect table. Dimora Morello allows our guests to choose from being catered to or rolling up your sleeves and preparing your own special meal.


“On the farm at Dimora Morello, we cultivate a seasonal garden providing only the freshest ingredients. From beautifully ripe tomatoes and peppers to green lettuce and herbs, our harvest is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Abruzzo-native lemons, figs, and pomegranates are at your fingertips in our exquisite gardens. All other ingredients are sourced locally from farms within the Poggio Morello community.”


Our villa is perfection when it comes to destination weddings. A picturesque panorama is the backdrop for the most spectacular photographs, including a breathtaking view of the sunrise from the Adriatic Sea and sunset over the Gran Sasso. We are able to accommodate 16 of your closest friends and family in exquisite suites with meals and wine flowing upon request.


Itinerary for the all inclusive, starting with the arrival on Saturday for eight beautiful days until the next Saturday goodbye.